This nurse needs coffee STAT!

Welcome to my blog focused on supporting student nurses, new nurses, experienced nurses and for the ones that love nurses.

There are many challenges in nursing. There are many lessons to be learned, skills to be taught and information to retain. Skills and best practices are things that can be taught. The compassion and care you give your patients cannot. This blog will provide you incite into the world and culture of nursing.

One of the most important facets of the nursing profession is nurse safety. Unfortunately even in such a positively focused world of nursing, nurse safety, lateral violence and bullying rear their ugly head.

Here we can discuss matters and provide information on becoming a stronger nurse and providing skills on keeping yourself safe both on the job and off.
Let’s work together to STOP lateral violence. Lets support our fellow nurses and keep each other safe. Lets continue to grow and love the profession of nursing.

Please take the time to read the ABOUT page to better understand the inspiration behind my blog.